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How to Make Your Property Stand Out

May 30, 2012

Today we have a guest post from Ally at HLF. Some really sound points to ensure you get the best possible price for your house and ensure it sells quickly.

It has become difficult for homeowners to get the full price for their properties with the property market in its current state. This is particularly true in high foreclosure markets, where foreclosure re-sale homes can often sell for up to 50% less than other non-distressed properties in the same area.

So how do you, as a traditional property seller make your home stand out from all the others in your area? Unfortunately there is no sure answer to this question, and in this slow market you are probably going to have to settle for a bit less than you would have gotten a few years ago. There are, however, a few things you can do to increase your property’s appeal.

Fix up your property to increase its value

If you are competing against foreclosures, then this is your time to shine. Foreclosures are often left in poor condition, without proper wiring or plumbing and plenty of minor issues repairs that will need to be taken care of at the buyer’s expense. In order to make your home stand out, you can ensure that your home looks a world away from these types of properties.

Do whatever it takes to get your home looking fabulous. Whether that involves painting walls and ceilings, replacing door knobs and electrical sockets, or fixing leaky taps and sinks. Another thing to consider is the state of your yard. While it may seem irrelevant to you whether or not your lawn is mowed, your flower beds are weeded, or the pavement in front of your house is swept (after all, the new homeowner will have to take care of those things on their own), having an unkempt yard can make your home seem unattractive.

First impressions are everything, and even if the particular color of paint you chose for your walls or the flowers you planted outside aren’t what the buyer would choose for themselves, it does make it easier for them to see the potential that your property has. It’s also important that your home look as inviting as possible on the photos you will be sharing online with your listing. If the yard is overgrown and there are wires coming out of the ceiling, you won’t get nearly as many viewers.

Use lots of high quality photos for your online listing

Many homeowners make the mistake of posting only one or two photos of their home, and often these are only photos of the home’s exterior. The problem with this is that a prospective buyer wants to be sure that they aren’t wasting their time when they go to look at houses. It is a known fact that the more photos you include, the more traffic your listing will get.

If there aren’t sufficient photos listed, it doesn’t give them much to go by, and therefore they move on to the next listing that has photos giving them an idea of what the house looks like. In a worst case scenario prospective buyers may even take your lack of photos to mean that there is something wrong with the interior of your home and will avoid it.

Try to get as many photos of both the exterior and the interior of your home. Don’t leave out anything that might be of interest to the buyer, such as outdoor sheds, extra storage spaces, attics or basements. Of course you should also take photos of everything else such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and living areas. Before you take the photos, make sure you have made the necessary repairs, cleaned and scrubbed all surfaces, floors and windows, and removed any clutter like shoes, clothing, stuffed animals or other personal items from view.

It is also recommended that you take your photos on a sunny or at least clear day, as this will make your home appear more attractive, with light streaming in through the windows and fewer shadowy areas. Last but not least, make sure your photos are high quality. If you don’t have a good camera of your own, you should borrow one or even consider hiring a photographer in order to present your home in the best light possible.

Don’t overdo it

Once you finally have people round to look at your home, don’t overdo it by placing scented candles everywhere, displaying countless trays of freshly baked cookies or going into air freshener overkill. While this is often standard advice dispensed to sellers as a way to make their home more appealing to prospective buyers, it can actually have the opposite effect if you go too far.

All of these things may cause buyers to think you are trying to cover something up, like unpleasant plumbing smells or musty odors. Aside from that, smells are very subjective and what to one person is a heavenly fragrance may be a disgusting odor to another. On top of this, many people have allergies to air fresheners or even scented candles, and you won’t be doing yourself any favors if the buyer leaves your home sneezing and wheezing.

If there are any unpleasant odors, you are probably better off tackling these at the source rather than trying to cover them up. If your home smells musty, perhaps you need to remove some of the carpets and have them replaced with vinyl or parquet, or if there is a smell of cigarette smoke, make sure you don’t allow anyone to smoke in your home from the time it goes on the market. Freshly painted walls will also remedy this problem.

Make sure everything is freshly cleaned and open the windows to air the place out. Areas that need extra attention include the toilets, bathrooms and kitchens, as these are areas where odors often originate from. It would also be better to put away any old appliances in kitchens or personal items like razors or sanitary napkins in bathrooms.

At the end of the day, these little things can make a big difference to prospective buyers, and if your home feels clean, new and fresh, you will make a better first impression, and ultimately have a better chance of selling your home.

Ally is part of the team that manages some of the most successful personal finance sites in Sydney, Australia, including Home Loan Finder.  Before joining HLF, she was a Media Planner in McCann Worldgroup Philippines, Inc., wherein she had the opportunity to work on several innovative and globally recognized projects.

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