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QR Codes for Real Estate

May 23, 2012

qr code large 50 wattle st 150x150 QR Codes for Real EstateAre you as an agent already using QR (Quick Response) Codes in your business?

With the explosion in the use of smartphones and tablets – sales of which are already outstripping conventional PC’s and laptops – QR codes are a quick and simple way of connecting your clients with your online content, be that listings on your own company website, portals such as or, videos on You Tube, Vimeo, etc or even your Facebook fan page.

The QR code is just an html link in a form that can be read by an app on a smartphone or tablet.

You will have seen them popping up in magazines, on billboards and interestingly I’ve noticed a lot on the labels of wine bottles – not sure what that says about me!

The beauty is the average person in the street, according to recent surveys, has three things they never leave home without, their wallet/purse, their keys, and their PHONE.

This means that if they see a QR Code displayed that might be interesting, they always have the means to view the content behind that code immediately at their fingertips, no writing down web addresses or Facebook page links – providing they have one of the many bar code reader apps installed, they just point and click and whammo, they are at your site/page/video immediately on their phone.

So with this in mind, imagine each of your For Sale boards has QR Code that links the viewer to that properties website or page or that in your print ads you have the code as part of the ad – no searching for listings, just point and click like a camera and your site/page is there.

To get a barcode scanner for your smartphone, simply go to the iphone appstore or android marketplace and search for QR code reader or Barcode scanner – there are plenty of free apps out there.

Then check this out

qr code large 50 wattle st QR Codes for Real Estate

As a special offer to users of Property Domains, we will produce and supply any agents with QR Codes for any of their listings, videos, facebook pages or whatever you wish.

The codes will be emailed to you as images so they can be pasted into documents, uploaded to social media sites, forwarded to printers for inclusion on signs etc.

The world is your oyster…….

To take advantage, simply email us from our contact page or call us on 0423 980601 for a chat.

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