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We are not competing with real estate agents….

May 22, 2012

Read below or check out the video here

Our unique single property websites are designed to be a cost effective part of your overall property marketing package and can be used in conjunction with other real estate websites like, domain and many others – and also by adding your website address to all your printed advertising like flyers and newspaper ads.

To illustrate this, the first thing to note is that your unique website address, closely matches your street address, this makes it easy for prospective buyers to type and remember.

The Header at the top can be customised to suit any real estate agent that you may, or already have your property listed with – as you can see from these examples of live websites.

We also have different coloured templates to suit your properties style.

In the address bar, the icons give a fast visual indication of the

  • Number of bedrooms
  • The number of car park spaces
  • The number of bathrooms
  • Whether the property has a swimming pool
  • The land size
  • And the house size

Moving down to the image viewing screen, your main image is displayed on the home page. Below this picture is a slideshow of all your other property images that can be scrolled through and selected to view in the main screen. Your can include up to 75 images of your property on your site.

The features box displays those features that make your property stand out from the crowd, and act as a hook for the prospective buyer to want to learn more about your property – and you can include as many features as you like.

Below the images screen is where we display your properties tagline and description. Your description can be as long and detailed – or as brief – as you choose.

From our sharing section,

  • any visitor can click to request a viewing which will contact the agent directly with their details.
  • Also, you or any other  visitor can email your property details to friends, colleagues or potential house hunters
  • Visitors can also print your properties details for future reference
  • And in these days where social media is so important, your property can be posted to the visitors Facebook page where all their friends will see it,
  • And tweeted via Twitter so all their followers can view your property website.

The information box below is where your properties asking price is displayed.

Any open for inspection dates or Auction timetable can also be shown in this area, – or it can be left with an email link that asks the viewer to contact the agent for more information, if you’d rather these details were private.

At the bottom of the page prospective buyers can easily and quickly contact the real estate agent, either through their website, their phone number or their email address.

If we return back to the homepage, you will notice the tabs across the top of the address bar.

The first of these tabs is Video and Plans. In this screen, viewers can watch any property video that you may have had made, and importantly, they are watching it from within your website, – they are not being taken to an external source where they may get distracted by other property videos.

Below the video screen is where we showcase your properties plan view if available, this can give buyers a better perspective on size and space.

The Maps tab takes you to a google map of your neighbourhood with your property marked on it. Here viewers can zoom in on your location, get directions, check out a satellite or even a street level view of your property.

Next we have a Walkscore map that is marked with many of the services and amenities that are close to your property, – such as restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centres, schools etc.  - so that prospective buyers can get a feel for the local area, and what it has to offer.

We have also included a mortgage calculator page so that buyers can work out repayments based on your properties asking price.

Finally, our meet the agent page gives a more in-depth insight into the agent selling your property, including a picture, office address, website and email links, phone numbers and a biography section.

Now, it is very important that when people search for your property on the internet, that they can actually find it, so we have made our websites to be search engine friendly as well.

If we type in our street address,  - which closely matches our unique website address,  - you will see that out of over 400,000 website pages that Google thinks is relevant when searching for 50 wattle street noosa heads,   - our unique website is No.1 on the list – pretty good as the site is now only 1 week old.

So to recap, when you choose to have us build your own unique website, what you get is a website

  • that can be customised to suit any agent,
  • you get an exclusive web address that closely matches your street address
  • you can use up to 75 images and unlimited features to grab the buyers interest
  • prospects can arrange inspections at the click of a button – and share your property details by email, Facebook and Twitter
  • In your description, you can really sell the lifestyle your property offers
  • You can display an asking price, an auction date and a list of open for inspection dates, – or keep these details private and ask the buyer to contact the agent for more information.
  • In the footer you can show the buyer quick contact details for the agent selling the property.

Our Tabs give viewers easy access to any property videos and plans

  • A Google map with directions and street view
  • Walkscore for an impression of the local area
  • Mortgage Calculators if reqd
  • And more information about the agent selling your property.

Our websites are designed to fit in as part of your property marketing package, not replace it,  - and at less than $30 to build and then less than $10 per month until you sell, – it is probably the best value property advertising you will find.

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