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Your Own Property’s Website is but a few clicks away

May 23, 2012

50 wattle st 300x232 Your Own Propertys Website is but a few clicks awayIf getting your property’s own website as part of it’s marketing package for only $29.95 + $9.95 p/m seems like a great deal to you, either watch our how-to video here

Or read below and then follow fill in the order form here

‘Now you have seen the features and benefits of a Property Domains single property website as part of your overall property marketing strategy, it is simple to order your very own site.

Simply return to the Property domains home page and click the blue ORDER NOW button in the top right hand corner which will open up our order form.

Firstly add your home address,

your town or suburb,

then use the drop down menu to select your state

and add your postcode.

In the preferred website address, you enter the web address you would like for your property,

there are a couple of examples below and we recommend keeping it as short as possible and using the .com extension.

In the vendor details section, add your first name,

Your last name,

your email address

and the best phone number that we can contact you on. All of these fields must be filled in to submit the form.

In the next section, you can add your real estate agents details, by default, it is set to Yes I have an existing agent.

If you do not yet have an agent marketing your property or are selling your property privately, simply click the NO box and this section will become hidden and you can continue below.

However, as most vendors have already engaged the services of an agent, you should fill in their details here.

including their name,

the company they work for,

the town or suburb of their office,

their email address if you have it and

their best contact phone number.

In the payment section, you can choose to pay from your bank account or credit card using ezidebit, a secure payment gateway supported by Westpac,

or if you have already have a Paypal account you may prefer to use this option.

Both options are totally secure and safe to use.

In this example we are using ezidebit .

Before proceeding, you must agree to accept our terms and conditions which can be accessed from our home page.

You may also like to subscribe to our newsletter where we will keep you posted on articles and updates to ensure you get the best possible price for your property.

Click the order now button which will take you to the ezidebit secure payment page.

Please note that the company name is Flitterbys PTY LTD, which is the company that owns and runs property domains.

The first thing you will see is your unique Invoice/Order no. make a note of this for future reference if you need to contact us.

You will also see that providing you filled in the order form in full, all the necessary details about yourself are filled in.

In the Debit Arrangement section, the set up fee of $29.95 is pre-set to be paid within 24 hours

The subsequent ongoing low monthly fee of $9.95 is also pre-set.

The first monthly payment will be processed some 48-72 hours after your order is received, by which time your site will be up and running live on the internet.

The payment method section is the only section where you have to fill in your details.

Select either to pay from your bank account or credit card and then fill in the required details.

Ezidebit also have their own service agreement which you must agree to.

Buy clicking to accept the terms and conditions, you are also initiating your final order and payment.

You will be taken to our Thankyou page where your Order/Invoice number is shown and your preferred website address plus a short message from us.

Thanks for watching and we look forward to building your properties unique website to give it the exposure it deserves and ensure you get the best possible selling price.’

That link again Order Here

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